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Move over Cupid and say hello to Rosella Giselle,

CEO and Founder of… “Your Love Angel.”

I am - Passionate, charismatic, and “feisty.” I will be “the force” you need to reckon with, to take charge of your dating life with the end goal of finding true love! A certified dating expert, with countless years of online/offline dating expertise, I “Your Love Angel,” will keep it real, when it comes to your dating habits and your dating life. With a little fun, class, and good honest tough love, my dating etiquette techniques will help you navigate and conquer the dating world.

Your Love Angel

About Me

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Just Me – A Latin Beauty, Serial Entrepreneur, Former NFL Cheerleader, Professional Dancer, Event Host, Choreographer, and Event Planner. I live every aspect of my life with passion!  My newest passion/venture…To help “you” find love!

When it comes to dating…I’ve seen it, lived it and now, I fix it! To some daters it comes easy, to others not so much; and that’s where I, “Your Love Angel,” come in!  It may not pretty, but I am on a relentless journey to change the way people date, one date at a time.  As a certified dating expert, I help singles look and find love, the right way. Why waste your time, making the same dating mistakes over and over, when you have an “Angel on your shoulder” that will teach you exactly what to do!

My Mission – As “Your Love Angel,” my goal is to find you a lasting relationship with an amazing someone, who will treat you like the incredible person that you are! I will empower you, with the dating finesse that will give you the confidence, knowledge, and courage to be successful in finding “the one.”

I am Rosella Giselle...“Your Love Angel” and I’m here to find you Love!

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