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Angel Calls –  This service is for clients who need their “Love Angel” briefly, and at a moment’s notice. Getting ready to go on a date and need help selecting the perfect outfit?  Exchanging texts, don’t know what to say, and need help in saying something engaging.  You’re at the grocery store, see someone that takes your breath away and lack a clever way to get their attention? Or, just want a one-minute pep talk before your date arrives?”  An “Angel Call” is your secret weapon to looking and sounding absolutely flawless. *Limited clientele a month.


Halos  –  This online monthly concierge service is specifically reserved for our clients who desire a little more TLC.  5 profiles of potential matches will be carefully selected and emailed to you each week, accompanied by 5 introductory email messages uniquely crafted by “Your Love Angel!”   The difference between you and everyone else who is nervous about breaking the ice on the dreaded initial email… You have a “Halo” in your pocket! As a bonus, this package includes 1 Angel Mock Date & is exclusively for clients who have purchased the Perfect Profile. *Limited clientele a month.

Preparing Drinks
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