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Online Dating

Profile Evaluation  – Looking for the “honest truth” about what your profile, pictures and chats are really saying about you?  Let “Your Love Angel” do a full evaluation of all three.  From top to bottom, we’ll discuss the “good” the “bad” and the “Oh no!” so you don’t miss out on a great connection because of what you “think” your profile is saying.


Perfect Profile  – Your online profile should highlight the best version of you!  “Your Love Angel,” will create a unique, professionally written, eye-catching profile that will stand out above the rest!  After all, this is the first impression you will make towards the person who could be “the one!”  Ladies, I am here to bring out your most enchanting inner and outer beauty.  Gentlemen, I will display your most charming qualities in order to attract genuine ladies that want to know the real you.  From writer’s block, and grammatical errors to unflattering pictures, there are thousands of profiles online and they are not pretty!  Under “Your Love Angel’s,” wing, a perfect profile, will get you the attention you deserve!

Profile Plus   – Profile Plus includes your Perfect Profile, along with 5 professional pictures, wardrobe selection, and guidance on how to “pose” during your photo shoot. *Remember…You’re only as beautiful/handsome as your worst picture.


Profile Elite  – Exclusively for ladies, if you’re looking for Elite status when it comes to your online profile, this is it!  A professional makeup artist will have you looking exquisitely stunning and ready for action, right before your photo session!  A great profile, gorgeous makeup and stunning pictures, your online profile will simply be…irresistible!

Preparing Drinks
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