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Introducing... "Your Love Angel"

Looking for Love? Introducing..."Your Love Angel!"

Are you single, ambitious, and ready to find love? Too busy to find a quality relationship and need help navigating the dating world? As a former Seattle Seahawks Cheerleader, serial entrepreneur, and now CEO of "Your Love Angel" Rosella Giselle understands how hard it is to devote the time to your love life! Today, she is here to be your "angel on your shoulder," and help you find love!

With a long history of listening, analyzing, and working with singles on a one-on-one basis, "You Love Angel," helps singles navigate dating with the utmost finesse! Each client is catered to strategically, with a unique approach in order to achieve success in the dating world! Offering specific insight, along with her outstanding coaching experience which includes: online dating profile makeovers, date coaching, mock dates, matchmaking, singles events, and more, Rosella Giselle is an angel at creating opportunities to find true love based on each client's individual needs.

The "Love Angel," client is ready to invest in their happiness and find "the one!"

Our clients want love in their life! "Your Love Angel" will take the time to find an Angel Service that meets your needs, giving you the tools to break bad habits and find a successful relationship that is the right match for you!

Stay tuned to our blog for fun and insightful dating tips! Join us in our conversations and let "Your Love Angel!" be your angel on your shoulder, and help you find "the one!"

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