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Angel Services

One on One Coaching

One on One –  Ready to get serious about dating…then let’s dive right in! As “Your Love Angel,” I’ll get to know you, your dating patterns, and the type of person you’re looking for.  Do you wonder why you haven’t found “the one?” Looking to clear bad dating habits that work against you?  When it comes to online dating, you don’t have a clue, as to how to get their attention?!  In four weeks' time, we’ll get downright honest, dirty, and real! I will teach you to get better at finding a partner for yourself! At the end, you’ll have the confidence, knowledge and dating etiquette, to find your one and only.  


Angel Mock Dates –  Ever been on a date and wondered what kind of an impression you made? Gentlemen, it's about to get real!  You’re about to go on a live “date” with the Love Angel and get the answers you’re looking for! From beginning to end, we will interact as if it was a real date. Once the date is over, I’ll evaluate every single detail of your “date character” from communication, appearance, body language and more.  I’ll give you honest and constructive feedback to improve your dating persona. One of the most popular and invaluable Angel services, Mock dates are a great way to build character, get rid of the “first date jitters,” and learn dating etiquette, leaving you calm, self-assured and ready for future dates.


Wing Angel –  Let’s go out into the real world and let the “Love Angel” be the Angel on your shoulder.  I’ll observe and coach you every step of the way as you interact in different single scenes, out in the real world. Ladies, let’s hit a "Happy Hour" and practice eye catching flirting techniques.  Gentlemen, let’s build the confidence to walk up to a beautiful lady and start a conversation.  One of our most exciting services, this is live coaching in action! I may even step in and facilitate an introduction!


Angel Calls –  This service is for clients who need their “Love Angel” briefly, and at a moment’s notice. Getting ready to go on a date and need help selecting the perfect outfit?” You finally got their attention online and don't know what to say! You see someone that takes your breath away and you need a way to get their attention? Or, you simply need a one-minute pep talk to shake the nerves before your date arrives?”  5 “Angel Calls” to be used at your discretion are your secret weapon to looking and sounding absolutely flawless in front of that special someone.   


Halos  –  This online monthly concierge service is specifically reserved for our clients who desire a little more TLC.  5 online dating profiles of potential matches will be carefully selected and emailed to you each week, accompanied by 5 introductory email messages, uniquely crafted by “Your Love Angel!”   The difference between you and everyone else who is nervous about breaking the ice on the dreaded initial email…You have a “Halo” in your pocket! As a bonus, this package includes 1 Angel Mock Date & is exclusively for clients who have purchased the Perfect Profile. *Limited clientele a month.

Online Dating  

Profile Evaluation  – Looking for the “honest truth” about what your online dating profile, pictures, and chats are really saying about you?  Let “Your Love Angel” do a full evaluation of all three.  From top to bottom, we’ll discuss the “good,” the “bad” and the “Oh no!” so you don’t miss out on a great connection because of what you “think” your profile is saying.


Perfect Profile  –  Your online profile should highlight the best version of you!  “Your Love Angel,” will create a unique, professionally written, eye-catching profile that will stand out above the rest!  After all, this is the first impression that you will make towards the person that could be “the one!”  Ladies, I am here to bring out your most enchanting inner and outer beauty.  Gentlemen, I will display your most charming qualities in order to attract genuine ladies that want to know the real you.  From writer’s block, grammatical errors to unflattering pictures, there are thousands of profiles online and they are not pretty!  Under “Your Love Angel’s,” wing, your "perfect profile," stands above the rest, to get you the attention you deserve!

Profile Elite  – Ladies and Gentlemen, if you’re looking for Elite status when it comes to your online dating profile, this is it!  Profile Elite includes your Perfect Profile, a directed photoshoot, guidance on how to "pose" during your photoshoot, a full image consult, detailed wardrobe selection, and professional makeup (ladies only). "Your Love Angel," will be there every step of the way and have you looking exquisitely stunning and ready for action on the day of your shoot! Get ready to feel like a star! The final results...a new you and a spectacular, magnetic, and irresistible online dating profile!

VIP Angel Days

VIP Diamond – It’s time to get you noticed!  As a professional image consultant, “Your Love Angel” will assess your looks and your wardrobe.  Together we’ll go shopping and get “the new you” date ready, with a few carefully selected outfits. 


VIP Elite  – VIP Angel Days are all about you!  Spend the day with “Your Love Angel!” and get the “one on one” royal treatment. Your day will include: 

  • VIP Diamond

  • Hair and/or Makeup Makeover

  • Learning Brunch – Date dining etiquette and more 

  • Get your most pressing “dating” questions answered 

  • Dating Online and Offline

  • Live interaction in the real world with your new look!

Angel Engagements

“Your Love Angel” holds live speaking engagements!  From 5 Star Hotels looking for an exciting seminar to offer your gentleman clients coming into town for business, or a group of ladies looking to feel energized in today's dating world,  “Your Love Angel” engagements are a fun, informative, unique way of obtaining valuable “dating etiquette and knowledge!” Your clients or friends will walk away with the feeling of…"Sign me up for the next one!” All you have to do is choose!

  • The Art of Chivalry

  • The "Do's" and "Dont's" of dating

  • Lady Etiquette

  • Tips and Tricks of Dating 

  • Dress to impress your date

  • What NOT to do on a date

  • Confidence is sexy!

  • The Art of Flirting

  • All eyes on you! - Be "the one" in any room

  • Your online dating style – What it says about you!

Preparing Drinks
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