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Vip Angel Days

VIP Diamond – It’s time to get you noticed!  As a professional image consultant, “Your Love Angel” will assess your looks and your wardrobe.  Together we’ll go shopping and get “the new you” date ready, with a few carefully selected outfits. 


VIP Elite  –  VIP Angel Days are all about you!  Spend the day with “Your Love Angel!” and get the “one on one” royal treatment. Your day will include: 

  • VIP Diamond

  • Hair and/or Makeup Makeover

  • Learning Brunch – Date dining etiquette and more 

  • Get your most pressing “dating” questions answered 

  • Learn a few “Tips and Tricks” of Dating

  • Dating Online and Offline

  • Live interaction in the real world with your new look!

Preparing Drinks
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